Edvard Munch The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life – Edvard Munch

Hi Folks,

This is The Dance of Life, a fine painting by Edvard Munch. Edvard was my good personal friend through his adult life. He was not quite that cheerful fella but had some tendencies into depression. Edvard’s art represents the finest expressionism there was. However, he’s work for women’s equality is not that well known. Interestingly Madonna, who’s made a part of her lifework as a dancer, released a single – Express Yourself  – in 1989. The song is an obvious hymn for gender equality. I bet Edvard would have loved Madonna’s tunes – he certainly loved to dance to an up-beat dance-pop. One of Edvard’s well known works is Madonna (1889). Actually there are several versions of Edvard’s composition Madonna, and the referred year of 1889 may not be accurate but I will not let it spoil a good story.


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