Mount Altura Fort - Sardinia, Italy

Mount Altura Fort – Sardinia, Italy

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On times like these it is fantastic to see a military base that has been turned into a recreational area. There are no firearms in the legendary Mount Altura Fort (Fortezza Monte Altura). Hopefully this trend will become popular. I guess a fortress like Mount Altura Fort had to be built to protect the peace of Palau (the town you may see in the photo). And it’s a valid question: why would anyone intend to invade Palau? But wait until you get to taste La Gelateria Dell`angolo´s gelatos. I mean *whoah* and *whou*, they have the best gelatos in Sardinia and possibly in the whole of Italy. If you get to visit this gelateria I encourage you to taste as many flavors as you can, but my favorite is mascarpone!


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