Bosa - Sardinia, Italy

Bosa – Sardinia, Italy

Hi Folks!

Bosa is a picturesque town on the west coast of Sardinia. Bosa’s landmark Serravalle’s Castle is further up on the hill guarding the medieval town. Do not be fooled by the bright lights of Bosa; you will have difficulties to find any night time action around there. If you are into relaxing and getting to know yourself a bit better, this may just be the perfect place to spend your holiday. I think I have had enough of the rural countryside for now, it is time to seek new adventures. I read somewhere that France is the most popular country to visit. And France’s island Corsica is pretty close. I believe my next stop will be there; hopefully Corsica is something close to Ibiza, because my dancing feet are getting restless again! Stay tuned. Or better yet, let’s meet on Corsica.

– Gart

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