Lily & Co - Julian Opie

Lily & Co – Julian Opie

Hi Folks!

Julian Opie is a virtuoso of contemporary art. Viewing his work leaves you wondering, what the heck did I just see: a reference to art history with a link to tomorrow or just a road sign. These beauties are Lily (2014), Delphine 1 (2013), Finn (2014) and Reed 1 (2013). And of course I am there as well, showing my best side as always. In case you were wondering, Lily is my favorite and for no good reason; she just is. If I did not know that these are Julian Opie’s sculptures, I would guess that Donald Draper has finally had one too many, been fired from his job and established a career as a sculptor. Don certainly could have made it as an artist or preferably as an art-person whose public persona could not always be told apart from his art-work. But Julian is different from these geezers. With Julian there is no public persona but only his art. Just try typing Julian on google pic search. Or don’t bother because there are no photos of Julian. If the saying “picture or it didn’t happen” has any truth in it, then Julian Opien must be an alias. By the way, if you were considering to google pictures on Lily, you should understand that it is “not safe for work”. Stay safe, I’m going to the Vatican!


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