Narrow House - Erwin Wurm

Narrow House – Erwin Wurm

Hi Folks!

Narrow House (2010) is really narrow and that is how Erwin Wurm designed it just to make a point. And I guess the point is that narrow minded people live in narrow houses OR narrow houses make people narrow minded OR something like that. Apparently Erwin suffered some difficulties in expressing himself in post-war Austria. So Erwin must have had some firsthand experience on narrow minded people. And that is why Erwin built this most narrow house in the world. My question to Erwin is: could you not build a house that is even more narrow? If You can, please do so. At least someone should do something, because just a few days ago an Austrian far-right party won first round of presidential election (obviously in Austria). En Vogue sang: “Free your mind and the rest will follow”. But what will happen if a narrow minded person frees his/her mind – what will be the rest that will follow and do we even want to know?

– Gart

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