Couple under an Umbrella - Ron Mueck

Couple under an Umbrella – Ron Mueck

Hi Folks!

If hairy old men wore burkinis for beach, it would have been a lot easier task for Ron Mueck to produce the hyperrealistic human sculpture Couple under an Umbrella (2013). To reproduce a life-like sculpture of a man in traditional bathers must be a huge challenge. Getting moles, saggy skin and random hair (e.g. in knuckles and toes) just right requires some skill and long hours. The outcome is impressive and surreal.

Ron is a man of detail. That’s why Ron would probably be my first choice (now when Joan Miró isn’t around anymore) to sculpt a realistic statue of me. Having a replica of myself would not actually be a bad idea. The replica could do my stunts. And possibly attend the most boring dinner parties instead of me. No one would notice. That would be a perfect arrangement leaving me more time to travel and enjoy life. Ron, if you see this, give me a call to agree on details!

– Gart

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