Mirror Room (Pumpkin) - Yayoi Kusama

Mirror Room (Pumpkin) – Yayoi Kusama

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Yayoi is best known for her obsession for dots. She has also this thing for pumpkins. It’s sort of convenient that obsessions are her inspiration. She may have created an infinitive source for inspiration in her own obsessions. Yayoi has said that dots are a way to infinity, which seems quite accurate, all things considered. In the 50’s Yayoi painted dots on walls, floors and household objects. In the 60’s she painted dots on naked performers. And since then she’s been painting dots where ever.

What I especially love in her works is a frequent combination of fire-engine red and white dots. You just cannot go wrong with that. It is clear that Yayoi is definitely a unique person, almost unique in her own way. There’s probably only one person who’s more obsessed with dots. Namely Kim Schmitz, who changed his name to Kim Dotcom. Kim absolutely loves dots and coms.

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