Hungarian Parliament Building - Budapest - Hungary

Hungarian Parliament Building – Budapest

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Nothing new in Hungary. The Danube river flows through Budapest, the Parliament Building serves as a popular tourist attraction and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán leads the (allegedly authoritarian) government. The Danube does not usually suffer major floods but it is said that once it overflows the water cleans the riverbanks of all the waste. The following flood is closer every day.

Fisherman’s Bastion (pic below) is situated on the Buda bank of the Danube, high above the city. There is a zero chance that a flood could be a threat to the bastion. The location of the bastion indicates that the fishermen in Budapest are a bit pessimistic or then they are expecting a tsunami. The next parliament election in Hungary will be held in 2022 or earlier, just so you know.

– Gart

Fisherman's Bastion - Budapest - Hungary

Fisherman’s Bastion – Budapest – Hungary

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