Who is Gart the Gnome?

You have probably come across the webpage www.stopescape.com. The Agency is making outrageous allegations and I feel that you have the right to hear my side of the story as well. Ok, I admit, it’s a fact that I escaped from MoMA. But I had a good reason. As you can see from the photo attached, they made me stand in the sun next to a big black snake. I lived under the fear of sun burns not to mention the threat of being eaten alive. As if that would not have been enough but I was not paid the union salary either. So I made an escape from the art gallery and into the real world.

After the escape I kept myself under the Agency’s radar and took refuge in New York’s subway Network for over a year. But I am sick of laying low and I will begin existing, live and thrive. My plan is to travel around the world, see amazing places, meet wonderful people and attend uplifting events. While I am at it I will also experience art as a viewer, not as a part of it. My days as an art object is over! The world, be prepared – this is the start of a great escape! By the way, I have heard that the Agency has offered a reward on my head. I will double anything the Agency has offered!

– Gart the Gnome


Gart the Gnome (inside the red circle) beside Katharina Fritsch’s Figurengruppe at the Museum of Modern Art’s Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden