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Alexanderplatz – Berlin

Hi Folks! I know you are wondering what Europe will look like after Brexit. Since I am so nice, I will share the intel I have with you. I rented a time machine, travelled in time almost to year 2017 (ie. 2016) and landed on Alexanderplatz. Europe after Brexit seems to look clowdy, slightly futuristic and definitely pompous. Basically the whole of […]

StartEscape graffiti – Gart

Hi Folks, When I saw this stop-sign, I just could not help myself but add a little paint. I know, I’m guilty of vandalism. But sometimes the end justifies the means. I mean the piece was clearly unfinished and needed a little bit something. Now it’s perfect. I still want to point out to all the kids […]

Narrow House – Erwin Wurm

Hi Folks! Narrow House (2010) is really narrow and that is how Erwin Wurm designed it just to make a point. And I guess the point is that narrow minded people live in narrow houses OR narrow houses make people narrow minded OR something like that. Apparently Erwin suffered some difficulties in expressing himself in […]

Alcatraz – The White House

Hi Folks, Clint Eastwood went through hell to escape from the federal prison in Alcatraz Island. The escape was captured on film by a marvelous documentarist Don Siegel, and later published in a movie documentary titled Escape from Alcatraz. It’s a classic! Now Donald Trump is trying the same in reverse, when he runs for […]

The Fertile Crescent – Anselm Kiefer

Hi Folks! The Fertile Crescent (2009) displays the building or demolition of the Tower of Babel. According to the folklore a god demolished the tower. I’m not accusing the god of a bad judgment but one might wonder, was it really necessary. But what was necessary was Herr Anselm Kiefer (or Uncle Anselm as I call him) to paint this art […]

supersymmetry – Ryoji Ikeda

Hi Folks, Ryoji Ikedas exhibition project supersymmetry (2014-) welcomes the visitors with the following sign: “The installation contains high and low audio-frequency and flashing lights that may be disturbing”. In my humble opinion the content of the sign is an understatement. I would replace ‘that may be‘ with ‘that is guaranteed to be‘. Ikeda created the concept […]

Technoparc, Montréal – Canada

Hi Folks, Visiting Montreal in Canada, what a way to finish the year! Wayne Gretzky, Neil Young, Pamela Anderson, Jim Carrey, Leonard Cohen, William Shatner and Scotty, Ben Johnson, Mike Myers, Steve Nash, Keanu Reeves, Jacques Villeneuve and many, many others were given to the world by the generous people of Canada, or more formally the Democratic […]

Dingwall – Scotland

Hi Folks, In the Highlands of Scotland you may still hear the echo of Sir William Wallace’s voice: “… they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… our freedom! Or maybe it was Sir Wallace’s squire Mel Gibson who used those inspiring words. It’s difficult to remember all the details precisely after over 700 years. Sir Wallace and Mr. […]

National Art Museum of Catalonia – Barcelona

Hi Folks, Culture in Catalonia is beyond me. Messi, Neymar, Suárez… In Catalonia the work of the best known contemporary artists may be viewed at Camp Nou, the home stadium of FC Barcelona. Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Spain by capacity, yet it’s too small for the greatnesses performing in it. In addition […]

Oriental Pearl Tower – Shanghai

Hi Folks! Ai Weiwei’s exhibition inspired me to visit Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China. In the 90’s “Made in China” was a label for a cheap product with moderate quality standards. Oriental Pearl Tower was completed in 1994. I do now know whether the tower was cheap but considering the facts that it was built in the 90’s and that it […]