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Through – Ai Weiwei

Hi Folks, Pillars penetrating tables is Ai Weiwei’s (艾 未未) comment, or even criticism, on structures of power. The art piece is titled Through (2007). Weiwei is a super star in contemporary art and he is known worldwide for his art and his political activism, which are often a combination of both. Weiwei has especially criticized Chinese […]

Arlington National Cemetery – Virginia

Hi Folks, Not since World War II have there been so many refugees or IDPs as there is today. The crisis is huge and it’s global. People leave their homes for different reasons. For some, it’s the global warming that’s forcing them to seek for safety. For many, it’s the usual reason – wars and violent crisis […]

St. Peter’s Square – Vatican City State

Hi Folks, In The Big Lebowski (1998) the Dude himself asked: “Does the Pope sh#t in the woods?” The Dude is a pretty sophisticated guy. After all, there’s a fairly large group of people who follow Dudeism, which has grown from an underground cult to a world religion. But he clearly does not know where the holiness does his business. Or could it […]

Lily & Co – Julian Opie

Hi Folks! Julian Opie is a virtuoso of contemporary art. Viewing his work leaves you wondering, what the heck did I just see: a reference to art history with a link to tomorrow or just a road sign. These beauties are Lily (2014), Delphine 1 (2013), Finn (2014) and Reed 1 (2013). And of course I am there […]

Pietà – Michelangelo

Hi Folks! This is a pietà, and not just any pietà but the one that was sculpted by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The most interesting thing about this work of art is that the sorrowing Virgin Mary is youthful, possibly in her teens. In my humble opinion, Michelangelo’s intention was to depict Mary holding the dead body of her […]

Havøygavlen Wind Farm – Norway

Hi Folks! There’s something quite peculiar in Norway. Norwegians are ancestors of the most brutal Vikings tribes. They’ve settled the most remote places in northern Scandinavia, even fjords and mountains that are unlivable and commonly known to be terrorized by trolls and other nasty, little creatures. Norwegian toddlers are only fed with cod and seal’s […]

Colosseum – Rome

Hi Folks, This is Colosseum, or more formally the Flavian Amphitheatre. I didn’t know men could build such things. After it was completed in 80 AD, it was included in different versions of the list of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  The poet Martial (40-102 AD) went even a little bit further. He instructed to lose the […]

Lego Modulex M20 – Gart

Hi Folks! There’s this Magnus G. from Denmark who keeps sending me photos of awesome Lego creations he’s made. The bricks used for this piece are Lego-collectors wet dream, at least according to Magnus. Let me brake this for you… The bricks are from Lego Modulex M20 series (I have no idea what it means). But […]

Bonifacio – Corsica, France

Hi Folks! France is the most visited country in the world ranked by the number of international tourist arrivals. That’s an impressive achievement considering that the Corsican nationalist movement has campaigned for the limiting of tourist infrastructure since the 1960’s. And by campaigning I mean harsh measures: bombings, assaults and robberies. Luckily Corsica is only one of the […]

Bosa – Sardinia, Italy

Hi Folks! Bosa is a picturesque town on the west coast of Sardinia. Bosa’s landmark Serravalle’s Castle is further up on the hill guarding the medieval town. Do not be fooled by the bright lights of Bosa; you will have difficulties to find any night time action around there. If you are into relaxing and getting […]