Start Stop Berlin

StartEscape graffiti – Gart

Hi Folks,

When I saw this stop-sign, I just could not help myself but add a little paint. I know, I’m guilty of vandalism. But sometimes the end justifies the means. I mean the piece was clearly unfinished and needed a little bit something. Now it’s perfect. I still want to point out to all the kids out there, graffiti is wrong, respect the public property and above all respect a stop sign.

– Gart

LEGO Modulex M20 Gart the Gnome

Lego Modulex M20 – Gart

Hi Folks!

There’s this Magnus G. from Denmark who keeps sending me photos of awesome Lego creations he’s made. The bricks used for this piece are Lego-collectors wet dream, at least according to Magnus. Let me brake this for you… The bricks are from Lego Modulex M20 series (I have no idea what it means). But the thing is that Lego Modulex M20 -bricks were manufactured only in 1963-1965 and they were intended for architects. Ok, so the bricks are rare, I get that. But what I do not get is that you can learn more about Lego Modulex M20 and other Lego bricks on this webpage: I guess, there is a nerd of every kind in the Interweb! But do not get me wrong, I admire the Lego-enthusiast. After all, I was a certified Lego engineer in the 1950’s, only a few years after Lego was invented. For showing respect to Magnus and his odd hobby, I will set as my goal to visit Legoland.

Thank you Magnus!


LEGO Modulex M20

Work in progress. Size is 56 * 38 = 2128 studs.

Emotion Chart

Emotion Chart – Gart

Hi Folks, I really have to share this one! Ralf from Germany sent me this emotion chart picture. Ralf says that he’s a big fan of me, but claims that I don’t show my emotions. Well… what you think?


Big thanks to Ralf and happy New Year!